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Roxanne J Coady Founder

Just Right Guaranteed

Just the Right Booksellers

Personalized Service

Roxanne Coady founded Just the Right Book to put the right book in the right hands at the right time.

Convenient Returns

Don't agree that it's Just Right? Send it back, postage paid, for a replacement.

The Best and Newest Books

As booksellers, we're reading all the time to curate an offering of the best and newest books. You'll love every book you receive.

A Better Way to Buy Books

Every month readers want a new book, but without the hassle of sorting through the thousands of available titles. Just the Right Book helps you spend more time reading by choosing books that match your reading style. If it's not "Just Right", you can return it for another selection.

What Do You Think?

"Every month I get a wonderful surprise in the mail from my daughter. I can't tell you how much it means to me." - Ann, NY


"The books were a perfect match for my boys, but I must confess I was equally impressed by the beautiful presentation and superb wrapping job! " - Mathilda, NY


"Just the Right Book has been perfect for lots of gift needs: for new babies of employees, for managers to keep up on business trends and for our executive team for their reading pleasure. In each instance they were thrilled. " - Jeff, CT