Mother from her Daughter

Ann's daughter told us her mom loves fiction ranging from the literary to the light.  At the philosophical, literary end we sent her Elegance of the Hedgehog. For a light but smart read we sent Dud Avocado, about a 20-year old going to Paris in the 50s.

- Roxanne, Bookseller

"Every month I get a wonderful surprise in the mail from my daughter. I can't tell you how much it means to me."

An Aunt for Her Nephews

Mathilda filled out the preference forms and told us exactly what her boys are interested in: animals, earth moving equipment and any sort of truck, preferably large. 

- Kaley, Children's Buyer

"The books were a perfect match for my boys, but I must confess I was equally impressed by the beautiful presentation and superb wrapping job! "

A Wife from Her Husband

Betty loves romance and Lisa Scottoline so we sent her novels by Luanne Rice, Debbie Macomber, Nora Roberts, and (of course), Lisa Scottoline.

- Suzanne, Bookseller

"My husband gave me Just the Right Book as a Christmas present, so it's Christmas all over again every time a book arrives."

Corporate Gift-Giver

We've sent baby libraries for newborns of employees and clients and a wide assortment of business books for Jeff's senior management team, based on his comments about their work and interests.  

- Kathryn, Bookseller

"Just the Right Book has been perfect for lots of gift needs: for new babies of employees, for managers to keep up on business trends and for our executive team for their reading pleasure. In each instance they were thrilled. "