Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my password -- help!

Just click the "Login or Register" on any page of the website (you'll see it in the upper right hand corner. A page will open and you will see a link that says "Forgot your password?"  Click that link, fill out the text field with the email address you registered with and we will send you an email to create a new password. This may take a few minutes to get to you so please be patient.

What if I don't know what kinds of books my recipient likes to read?

Don't worry! Just tell us as much as you can to help us choose the first book... 

After you select which Gift you wish to send, you'll be presented with a few questions about your recipient. The open ended questions are not required and we'll try to get more information from your recipient directly. The first book in The Series Gift arrives with information about how your recipient can access Customer Service so they can easily give us more info about their reading preferences, make specific requests, or send us feedback.  We also include a printed preference form with the first book which your recipient can fill out and return to us to by mail if he or she prefers.

What kinds of questions will you ask during the checkout process?

Well, wonder no more - here's a peek at some of the things we'd like to know about your gift recipient. Don't worry if you can't answer all (or even any) of the questions! We'll get all the information we need from your gift recipient.

  • What kinds of books does your recipient enjoy? (This is a multiple choice question and we'll provide a list of genres to choose from, like literary fiction, beach reads, mystery, business, etc.)
  • Does your recipient have any favorite authors or books?
  • What hobbies or interests does your recipient have?

If your gift recipient is a child, we'll also want to know if you happen to know anything about his or her reading level that will be helpful.

Can I find out which books you sent to my recipient?

Definitely! You will be providing your email address during the checkout process and we automatically sign you up to receive an email notification when we ship a Collection or individual titles in a Series to your recipient.  We will send you an email each time a book is shipped giving you the title and author of the book selected for your recipient.  You can also see the entire list of books sent to your recipient by visiting your Account page.

How will my recipient know that I have given them this gift?

We include a hand-written gift card (inscribed to your recipient from you) with each Collection and with the first book in each Series.  If you wish to create a personalized message (which we will include in the hand-written announcement) you can give us that information at checkout.

Can a recipient communicate directly with you about his/her reading preferences and interests?

Yes, this is what The Recipient Center is for; it's the place where people who have been given a Just the Right Book Series gift can access their account information and tell us about their interests and reading preferences by filling out a short preference form. (We also include a printed preference form with the first book in a Series which your recipient can fill out and return to us to by mail if he or she prefers.)

Can my recipient exchange a book you send?

If recipients ever receive a book that they don't like, or have already read, they can return the book to us and we will exchange it for another selection at no cost to them.  The only thing we ask is that your recipient contact us within three weeks of the book's ship date and let us know why the book wasn't right, so we can improve our services in the future.  They can do that either by sending an email to or they can call our toll-free number:  877-654-5872 and leave a message. Once we hear from them we will mail them an exchange book and include a postage paid label for the return.

How does Just the Right Book and R.J. Julia use my personal information or that of my recipient?

At Just the Right Book we are committed to protecting your privacy.  You can review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for more detailed information about our policies by clicking here.

The Series - Does every book in the Series arrive gift-wrapped?

We personally wrap each book we select for your recipient in our signature gift wrap and include our Just the Right Book bookmark. The first book also comes with a full-sized gift card and a handwritten version of the greeting you provide.
The exceptions are Indulge Yourself and, from time-to-time, certain promotional offerings, such as ReadKiddoRead (only the first book is wrapped).

The Series - Can I request that you send a particular book even after the gift has commenced?

Yes, you certainly can. In the Account section (which you can access by logging into the site and clicking here -need to add link), you may send us an email by clicking the "Send us Feedback" link.  We'd be delighted to ship a particular book to your recipient upon request.

Shipping - When will the first book in a Series be sent?

We choose and mail the first book within 2 - 4 business days of receiving your order. All books ship via USPS Media Mail, for arrival within 8  business days, unless you select expedited delivery during the checkout process. (Expedited delivery will only pertain to the very first book in a Series.) For expedited orders, we ship USPS Priority (2 - 3 day delivery) and USPS Express (overnight)

Shipping - Can I delay the shipment of my gift?

Yes, you certainly can. Just select the "Delayed Shipping" option in the Shipping drop down menu during checkout. You'll be presented with several options to choose from -- just select the week you wish your gift to arrive.

Shipping - Do you ship internationally?

Yes; just give us a call at 877-654-5872. We can take your order by phone.  Per book shipping costs are:

Per BookCharges Standard Priority (for first book)
Mexico/Canada/Caribbean $15 $35
Europe/South America $20 $50
Australia/Asia?Africa $25 $55
Shipping - How can I track an order?

If you selected priority or expedited shipping for your order, you can email us for the tracking number once the gift has been put in the mail. Please note, that all subsequent shipments are sent by USPS Media Mail and have tracking information.

Subscription - How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, visit Cancel My Subscription.

Subscription - If I am the Recipient how do I update my reading profile?

You an easily update your reading profile anytime by going to the Customer Service page. The first step if you are a recipient of the gift you will need to Claim a Gift which will require you to enter your claim code which is on the bottom right hand of your packing slip. Once you have claimed your gift and created an account with an email address and password then you can go to  Manage Book Preferences. You can also call us at (877) 654-5872 and speak with a member of the Just the Right Book Team or email so we can update your profile for you.