Dear reader,

I start my day at 6 am in a dark bookstore.  To be first in the door of the beloved RJ Julia Booksellers in Madison, Connecticut, and be alone with the books, is magical.

With every flip of a light switch I greet my colleagues. “Good Morning, Poetry.” “How was your evening, Mystery?” “Did you sleep well, Self-Help?”  In the morning light, the world inside the bookstore shines with possibility, and together the books and I get to work.

For the next two hours I shop the store with you in mind. The front table and staff suggestions are reliable spots to find the buzziest and most talked about books.  Here’s my insider tip: Shop the perimeter of a bookstore.  That’s where I find the gems, the forgotten favorites, the oddball books, and this hunting ground is my jam.

As the world outside the bookstore wakes and I catch a glimpse of the dependable duo, a golden retriever with its coffee-drinking owner, that’s my cue to leave.  I lock the door, load my haul and head to the Just the Right Book office where I’ll  lovingly wrap and mail books to 2,500 of you.

Each day is a new beginning for me and my quest for your book.  Your favorite book subscription service, Just the Right Book, is also seeing a new beginning.  We are delighted to announce our fresh website look and new offerings coming soon.

Take a moment to browse our website. Consider subscribing to a year’s worth of great reads hand-selected by yours truly.  Think about gifting someone in your life with this custom subscription!

Let me know what’s on your mind,


Hello, Connecticut

It is a state that has given me so much.  My college education, my partner, and a fun place to live for the past 10 years.  Books have also given me much joy while living here.

When I think of the books that have brought me joy since living in CT, a few spring to mind.  As a new CT resident, my Connecticut Walk Book quickly became the most thumbed through, highlighted and tabbed book on my shelf.  My egg man up the road introduced me to The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball that pulled me back to rural Pennsylvania if even just for a moment.

Thanks to Connecticut for being my corner of the world for hikes in your state parks, a platter of fried whole belly clams and plenty of book memories.

P.S. Feel the same way I do? You can subscribe to Just the Right Book and tell me that you want to read Connecticut-based books, too.

Letter from a Subscriber

I was delighted to receive this letter from subscriber Porshea last week: 
 I’m just reaching out to say that…with this latest delivery of Fairest by Meredith Talusan, I feel like Just the Right Book is doing exactly as I hoped – opening up my bookshelf to books I wouldn’t have located through my typical channels. 

Thank you so much for going through the effort of catering to my specific asks. It means a lot to me that your service delivers precisely what I hoped for.  


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