Just the Right Book® Terms of Offer

You will NOT be charged during the 30-day FREE trial period for subscribing to the Just the Right Book® service. Enjoy the first book free and complete your profile online.

By accepting the free book, you are agreeing to a monthly subscription to Just the Right Book® for a minimum of 1 month at $19.99 per month (the “Minimum Period”) plus applicable taxes. Your subscription will automatically renew on a monthly basis following the Minimum Period until you request to cancel your subscription.

A valid U.S. credit card will be required to obtain the Just the Right Book® subscription and claim the free book.

For technical support, please visit Customer Service.

Also please note:

  • U.S. residents only.
  • Just the Right Book may modify or withdraw this trial offer at any time.
  • Just the Right Book may, in its sole discretion, change the features and services offered by Just the Right Book at any time.
  • An early termination fee of $24.99 plus applicable taxes may apply if you cancel during the 30-day trial period.


The terms and conditions governing the Just the Right Book® subscription are described in the Terms of Service, which you must accept in order to receive the free book.

For information on how to cancel your subscription, visit Cancel My Subscription.