Book Series for Teens - Books sent all year to your 13 - 17 year-old reader

Whatever your young adult's reading interests - whether it's fantasy, friends, adventure, vampires - we'll find just the right teen books for them.

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Give this gift book series:
    Decide on a 4, 6 or 12 book subscription.  
  Answer a few short questions and checkout. 
  Your gift will begin arriving in about a week!

We guarantee your reader's satisfaction.

We'll let you know when and which books are sent so you can
share in the teen reader's excitement!

Your teen reader will get:

Hand-selected young adult books chosen based on the reader's tastes and interests.

Each book is wrapped in our signature wrapping paper.

Access to our Recipient Center where they can send us feedback, fine-tune their preferences, and make specific book requests.        

Mixed Series alternate between trade paperback and hardcover books.                


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What if I don't know what kinds of books my recipient likes to read?

Don't worry! Just tell us as much as you can to help us choose the first book... 

After you select which Gift you wish to send, you'll be presented with a few questions about your reader. The open-ended questions are not required; we'll try to get more information from your reader directly after they receive the first book. The Gift arrives with information about how your reader can access Customer Service so they can give us more info about their reading preferences, make specific book requests, or send us feedback.